Ok games to buy after I get settled lol don’t mind me.
Grid 2
Grid Autosport
Uncharted 3
BF4 Premium
Mad Max
Arkham Origins
Oh and MINECRAFT for console YAY

Screw Need for Speed all they’re good for now is bullshit marketing and half-assed content.

And then a PS4 on or after Christmas because of reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I do hope Fully Booked freakin gets a shipment of the Kells art book soon because gdi I want it.

Oh god that reminds me I left my Mana hero at level 40 since last year I hope my crops didn’t die lmao

Y’know what would also be great? An Over the Garden Wall video game that feels like Legend of Mana.


I wanna see the pilot so baaaaaaaaaaad but I guess they only show it during special screenings DX

I hope there’s also some Over the Garden Wall stuff in SDCC because I’ve been looking forward to that FOREVER


iā€™m pumped to see the new hercules because i really want to see the rock sing go the distance

I once had a tiny notebook where i would draw amateur nsfw but i lost it and then one day my mom was cleaning and i saw my notebook sitting on the bed I know for sure my mom went through it... Hahahaah Now i kept that nsfw ntbk hidden in my private box...

Ahhhaha that happened to me one time too only it was just on a piece of paper I was sure I KEPT IN A SAFE PLACE lol. Man in fact when I burned some of my stuff 2 weeks ago I saved pretty much a lot of the nsfw stuff I did back then and kept them in a box but when I checked yesterday one of them was missing. Either I accidentally burned it or my mom found it and threw it away hhaha…ha…..

I’m going to hell :,D

I can finally die happy when I first set foot on the sacred grounds of SDCC. Sadly that day is not today

Now I remember all those times my mom just walked into me drawing cutesy gay stuff and only commented on how adorable my gay drawings were and just walked away not saying another word. I think she knows. lol Thanks Ma. But seriously don’t tell Pop.

Where are all these 101 Dalmatians kitchenware coming from? I want them all to myself in the new place. :D